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Saima Mir - The Khan

‘The Khan’ by Saima Mir, a book that I connected with as soon as I read the synopsis and saw the cover. In fact, a book that I connected with on more than one level. 398 palabras más


Planning Market Insight Report: Record number of submissions in a single month and a 41 per cent increase in tree work applications in February 2021

As we enter our second springtime that will predominantly be spent at home, it is no surprise to anyone that we have seen vast increases in application numbers for works to tree applications. 456 palabras más


Knockin' Down the Little Guy

As a follow up to our last blog post, we have a guest author – Aaron Frost – who will go into more detail on why using Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) is not the best way to evaluate a contractor… 653 palabras más


Eurovision Song Contest: Decades of musical information

The Eurovision Song Contest is about as old as Finnish television history, and throughout its history the competition has been widely discussed in media. Today, in addition to more traditional media, there are also some dedicated fans (and more professional youtubers/influencers, such as… 879 palabras más


Exceptional and grieving Urdu poetry // "The Hidden Garden" by Mir Taqi Mir

In the introduction of the book that greets us like a huge archway, it has been written that Mir Taqi Mir was acutely imaginative. From a tender age, he had the habit of gazing at the moon. 392 palabras más

MIR - Post 6: Appendix/Ethics Paper and Completed Project


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