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Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.


 Remember Peoples Names And Small Details About Them

More importantly use both of them in conversation. People love to hear their names and asking a question about their life shows you have an interest in them on a personal level.


The Secret to Self Discipline

Life is all about becoming all that we can possibly be. It’s having the full development of all of your potential and wise use of all your resources. 189 palabras más


Small Visual Rewards

Having a system that can show progress visually is like having a reward system to satisfy both upper and lower intelligences. The Upper is satisfied by seeing long term marks toward accomplishing the habit to be formed, or to the goal itself. 172 palabras más


Le Libre Arbitre, Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

Religieux ou pas, on est tous des croyants. Si un jour tu as entendu parler de Dieu, c’est qu’au fond de toi, que tu le réalises ou non, tu crois en son existence. 975 palabras más


Thursday 23rd September 2021

Today I had to get my head down and finish two large pieces of work before the invoice cut-off date happened. I was going to bin off intervals to get cracking early but decided that I did have time to get to intervals as long as I started work as soon as I got home instead of faffing around for a couple of hours like I usually do!! 212 palabras más