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Review: Sadako-San and Sadako-Chan

Another Mimo (Mizu and Mouse cause why not) review collaboration but this time with the Seven Seas title, Sadako-San and Sadako-Chan, which we both read together and decided to write up a review to reflect our views. 666 palabras más


Review: The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon Kings Lap

There are two reviews written for this title. The first being my own and the second one written by my dearest Mouse, who read this volume with me. 1.065 palabras más




4th Generation of communication system

Moving to the Era of another level of technical advancement in Telecommunication system and which leads to another hot topic 4G. 264 palabras más


Of lockdowns, laptops, and online learning (What happened in May 2021)

After writing about what happened in April, here’s a summary of how May went. It was a pretty slow month, especially compared to April. 634 palabras más


LTE or 4G?

To “G” or not to “G”, that is the question. Is LTE 4G? The answer is: depending on the LTE release you are talking about. In this post I’ll take a look at different LTE Releases and the criteria that the ITU uses to define a fourth generation (4G) mobile telecommunications system. 658 palabras más

Quarter Report 2021

Not following the arrow

I live my life a quarter mile at a time. — Dom Toretto

This is not the first time I’ve referenced this favorite quote in this space.

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