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Karla Christina debuts with 'Que Lo Sepan' from upcoming 'The Espinoza Experience' project

Tejano newcomer Karla Christina released her debut Tejano single “Que Lo Sepan,” a song from an upcoming project, The Espinoza Experience from Florida-based producer, musician, and songwriter… 494 palabras más


‘Cowards’ by Miguel Hernández

Men I see who of manliness
have none but what they flaunt,
the look and the Marlboro,
the britches and the beard.

At heart they are bunnies, 660 palabras más


“(Miguel Hernández) Ha dejado la vida nómada para convertirse en un poeta torturado por todos los anhelos que han atormentado siempre, desde que el mundo existe, a los poetas”.

Manuel Altolaguirre

Miguel Hernandez releases 'Homenaje' to legendary band La Sombra

Legendary band La Sombra is one of the most influential bands in Tejano music and the “Windy City Boys” have received a tribute from Miguel Hernandez 426 palabras más


Miguel Hernandez pens romantic 'Eres Tú' with wife

“Eres Tú” is the first brand new single from Tejano singer, songwriter, producer, and musician Miguel Hernandez, from his upcoming seventh studio-recorded album. 318 palabras más


Murals in Orihuela in honor of Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez

In the city of Orihuela, in the Spanish province of Alicante, there lies a hidden treasure: beautiful murals painted by Spanish artists in tribute to the poetry of hometown son Miguel Hernandez. 344 palabras más