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Day 141 mile 2,642.1 – 2,653.1 (plus 11 extra miles back to camp since Canada is closed, and 8 for lost InReach)

Elevation: ascent 3,845 ft, descent 3,845 ft… 1.873 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Right There

Day 140: mile 2616.8 – mile 2642.1

Elevation gain: 5,015 ft

Elevation loss: 5,161 ft

We are literally RIGHT THERE, folks! The Canadian Terminus is only 11 miles from our campsite tonight! 677 palabras más

Amy And Brian


Day 139 mile 2593.6 – 2616.8

Elevation: ascent 5,237 ft, descent 3,929 ft

Well it rained off and on for about half of the night. No down pours, but enough to make everything wet. 746 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Yes, Mother Nature...YES!

Day 138: mile 2572.5 – mile 2593.6 (+1 mile since we went the wrong way 😡)

Elevation gain: 5,624 ft

Elevation loss: 1,957 ft

I’m not sure if Mother Nature realized how frustrated we were with the smoky air and lack of views, or how sad we were that the wilderness was being decimated. 1.189 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Mega Nero

Day 137 mile 2572.3 – 2572.5 (1/4 mile to the bus stop)

Elevation: not much

Well today both Double Down and I were very excited to have the biggest nero of the trail. 1.028 palabras más

Amy And Brian

Missing Blue

Day 136: mile 2549.6 – mile 2572.3

Elevation gain: 3,106 ft

Elevation loss: 6,067 ft

Man, oh man…we sure are missing the blue skies like crazy! 1.409 palabras más

Amy And Brian

The Witch’s Cauldron

Day 135 mile 2521.8 – 2549.6

Elevation: ascent 5,579 ft, descent 6,381 ft

First things first, our brilliant idea of washing our hiking clothes out last night was a BAD idea!! 1.294 palabras más

Amy And Brian