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'Scorsese' in 'Pretend It's a City'

I don’t believe I’ve ever written about a movie-in-documentary scene. But I couldn’t resist featuring this bit from the third episode of Martin Scorsese Netflix documentary about Fran Lebowitz, … 166 palabras más

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PRETEND IT'S A CITY (2021): The Things I Liked...

Pretend it’s a City (2021): Fran Lebowitz, Netflix

What to say about Pretend it’s a City; the new Martin Scorsese presented series about humorist and raconteur Fran Lebowitz. 303 palabras más

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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

She is woman, hear her roar.

Ellen Burstyn won a most-deserved Oscar as a woman who carves out a new life for herself and her son after her husband is killed in a car wreck. 66 palabras más


Shutter Island

It’s all in your mind.

Or is it?

Novelist Dennis Lehane, of Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone fame, delivers a twisty, pulpy delight, then director Martin Scorsese buffs it to a high gloss, creating an immensely-entertaining tale of madness and murder. 59 palabras más


Movie Review: The Irishman (2019)

I’ve written on here before about being a Martin Scorsese fan. In recent years, Scorsese has moved away from the organized crime movies he became known for, and… 852 palabras más

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Day 12 - After Hours (1985)

I really wanted to watch Goodfellas for 3,975,230th time today, but the whole point of this is to stop watching the same things repeatedly and broaden my horizons a little bit. 519 palabras más

Fear in His Eyes: Travis Bickle as the Voice of an Uneasy Conscience in 'Taxi Driver'

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The moral ambiguity of human psychology, where all kinds of fears are crystallized, especially at night, is found in Martin Scorsese’s seminal, groundbreaking… 1.422 palabras más

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