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Carlos Eduardo, heir to the Reina clan

Original article by Oscar Estrada, published by El Pulso (Honduras), 29 November 2019

Carlos Eduardo Reina is the son of one of the oldest clans of Honduran Liberalism, belonging to the fourth generation of a family immersed in politics. 3.241 palabras más

Honduras divided and damaged by COVID-19 after 11 years since the coup d'etât

Original article published 27 June 2020 by EFE (Spain)

COVID-19 in Honduras has in three months of pandemic left at least 405 dead and almost 14,000 infected (EFE/Gustavo Amador/Archive) … 1.103 palabras más

LIBRE statement for May Day 2020


The post-COVID 19 pandemic future lies with the Working Class

The Liberty and Refoundation Party (LIBRE), on this day where we recall the martyrs of Chicago and the Great Worker’s Strike of 1954, in the midst of the pandemic and the dark situation we must confront, salutes the entire working class, conscious that our mission is to put forth a consistent position with the class struggle. 411 palabras más