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Chocolateria San Ginés of Madrid !!!!

I am on a nostalgic run , for that, needed to be in Madrid. We say, from Madrid to heaven, and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day! 897 palabras más


Moving to Spain: The Visa Application and Process

When my boyfriend and I decided to move from Denver, Colorado to Madrid Spain, we were excited, nervous, hopeful, and also painfully, painfully naive. I thought it would be easy. 3.552 palabras más


160 - Winter, finally

Winter is finally here. This is a rare on-time post, because I happened to be out in the mountains last weekend. It doesn’t mean I am not behind with this blog’s content, but while posting photographs from summer when it’s freezing and dark outside may seem nostalgic, publishing snowy pictures 5 months later would be – well, more nostalgic, as I absolutely hate it when the temperatures hit high thirties and it is too hot to do anything. 1.283 palabras más


Karne Kulture, un Colectivo Único

Karne Kulture es un colectivo de djs y promotoras que fue fundado hace tres años por cuatro madrileñas (nad1a, Orfigyal, Tina, Mena.G).

Comenzó organizando fiestas los jueves en la Sala Sol (Madrid), con un compromiso ideológico de hacer de la noche un espacio seguro; tratando de erradicar, gestionar y crear conciencia de cualquier forma de violencia más allá de la violencia física y especialmente la violencia contra la mujer. 172 palabras más