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Fashion Blogger Sindy

Name: Fashion Blogger Sindy

Made by and When: Kid Kreations, Ltd., Mulberry House, licensed by Pedigree, 2021

Material: Articulated vinyl

Marks: Sindy® (on the front of the waist) 254 palabras más

Modern Black Dolls

Myla, My Love [The Pretty Dress Company]

Once you’ve been in the vintage-inspired modern-made clothing realm for long enough you’re often able to recognise which brand made an item of clothing at first glance. 866 palabras más

Clothing Reviews

The Queen's Corgies

Not the four-legged ones, but the four-wheeled ones. Even cuter than the doggies, I’d say.

Upon further research, I don’t think these were really the Queen’s, so we will probably have to adjust some of the billboards that we bought. 94 palabras más

Vintage Diecast


To feel at home you need to know you have a purpose in that particular place.
Our purpose always depends on the context on where we are, the people who surround us and the opportunities we find there. 178 palabras más

Kindred Handmade

Sindy Doll Factory

Funtime Sindy?

I was checking out the Sindy collectors Facebook page this morning and someone had left a link to this article dating from 2010. I am sure many of you may have seen it before but thought I would share for the benefit of those who haven’t. 39 palabras más

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