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Monitoring input audio with Ubuntu

Monitoring an audio source is a term audio folks use to say that they send the signal from an audio input source (eg. line in or microphone) to an auxiliary audio output (eg. 151 palabras más


Chrome 89 llega con mejoras en la instalación de PWAs entre otras novedades poco destacadas

A mediados de enero, y como también hizo Firefox, Google lanzó la última versión de su navegador en soportar Flash Player, entre otras novedades. Hoy dos de marzo ha lanzado una nueva actualización, un… 345 palabras más


Leaning on Linux

I learnt of Linus Torvalds while in high school. This was during our basic introduction to computer operating systems in 2006. He was the man who created the Linux kernel. 755 palabras más


Go language

In terminal type apt install golang

It’s new to me, maybe new to you. Research and learn. Share and enjoy.


There's always one....

There is always going to be that one program or script that doesn’t do anything but puke out errors. Which is a shame because there are a few that do this that I really like. 161 palabras más