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Sonority: ya casi ha llegado el esperado videojuego

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Sonoirty es una preciosa aventura gráfica de tipo puzle que se estrenará el 25 de mayo, también para Linux. Por tanto, si lo estabas esperando, ya casi ha llegado a falta de unos días. 323 palabras más


Connecting to Linux from Windows with OpenSSH

This tutorial is very quick. I got a new computer where I installed Linux Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Long Term Support), and I have another laptop that works using… 238 palabras más


notes on installing flutter 3 on pop!_os 22.04

I’ve been on-and-off of Google Flutter ever since version 1 was released. I never considered the tools or the final results all that polished. But hope springs eternal so I installed Flutter 3 (see… 381 palabras más


Linux (Sistem Operasi)

Menurut wikipedia, Sistem operasi ( OS ) adalah perangkat lunak sistem yang mengelola perangkat keras komputer , sumber daya perangkat lunak , dan menyediakan layanan umum untuk program komputer. 123 palabras más

Future Vipul's data backup handbook & other jank strategies

This is to document some rsync commands, a bash script here and there, and explain to Future Vipul how the backup strategy works for Vipul’s system. 780 palabras más


tweaking an ubuntu-based distribution for better performance

There’s an interesting feature that the latest Gnome UI Ubuntu-based distributions have enabled by default; UI animations. While it might look smooth and cool to most, there’s a performance price to be paid when it’s enabled. 238 palabras más