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Tales of Lima 5 - The Asia Beaches - the Story of Contrasts in Peru.

Asia – As I remember it!

One hundred kilometres south of Lima is a place called Asia. I remember passing Asia about thirty years ago. In those days, the road traced a straight line penetrating through the arid desert. 1.147 palabras más

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A Click in Time 5 - Lima - Beaches, Birds, Crosses and Street Art.

A mixed bag of odd photos posted over the last two weeks for the «Friends of Photoblog» daily photo challenge. There is a different «theme» for every day of the week, for instance, night photography, light/lighting etc. 1.272 palabras más

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Tales of Lima 4 -  Forty Years in Peru! How it Started!

First Experiences

How did I end up living in Lima for so many years? Some people have asked me that question over the last couple of weeks. 1.574 palabras más

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Rural-Based Popular Resistance Confounds Peru’s Post-Coup Government / By W.T. Whitney Jr.

The repression of the protests in Peru fail to appease them, quite the opposite | Photo: Prensa Latina

Crisis in Peru is moving into a second act. 1.061 palabras más


How to plan a trip to Peru

It was our most ambitious trip ever! A new continent, so far away from everything else we had visited I had put in loads of effort to plan it to the minutest detail. 4.229 palabras más



We arrived from Cusco into the busy Lima airport just as the sun was setting and cast an orange glow all over the baggage reclaim area. 798 palabras más


Memories of GringoWasi

Being back in Peru is like a homecoming, after living in Cusco for 6 years I became fond of my second home. While Lily had made several trips to Peru after our return to the US, I went from 2018 to 2022 without a visit, we were here back in January but that trip was about gathering our remaining items, and getting them back to the States. 537 palabras más

Spending Our Kids Inheritance