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Laughing Flowers

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” Wildflowers in a field, what a wonderful symbol of the joy of nature and the Earth! When I read Emerson’s words, I cannot help but smile inside. 257 palabras más



Ignoring the small signs will lead you to the big one.


Baie Goeie Advies

Eet groente. Drink water. Rus. Basiese, maar goeie advies. Soms is die beste advies basies, want ons mense overcomplicate die lewe. En dis óók goeie advies: don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things. 645 palabras más

Pinnacle of Spirit

Mighty Chimborazo! If you have never heard of it, Chimborazo is a dormant volcano, the highest mountain in Ecuador, and the highest peak near the equator. 275 palabras más