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The Writing Diaries pt. 8: A Writer Rambles

Greetings fellow humans, how goes things? How have your days been? Are you busy with work, school, or writing? Has the autumn chill crept in yet? 913 palabras más


When the Father Wound is Fatal

I find myself, once again, dealing with someone who has an addiction. This time it’s alcoholism, and it’s someone I can’t leave behind. My brother. 665 palabras más

Everything Else

Apocalypse? (An Excerpt from the Last Great Halloween Special)

I was able to encounter her one last time before I had to make a decision on the salvation of mankind. I wasn’t prepared for the conversation we would have, but knew it would be essential to our survival. 938 palabras más


The Boy on the Stairs

There’s a story that’s been going around the town. A young man killed his entire family because he was instructed by a voice in his mind. 428 palabras más

Desk Notes

I say I love you

I say I love you

I say it every time you leave,

I say it every time I appreciate the things you’ve done,

I say it every time you bring warmness to my heart, 126 palabras más