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TV networks join Netflix crusade against Australian arts and screen content - Michael West

The TV networks have joined Netflix to oppose local TV content quotas. It’s too expensive, they say. Yet the local arts and screen sector says the industry which employs 200,000 Australians would be devastated. 27 palabras más


How to Develop Your Essay Ideas

Happy June, y’all! My name is Alex, and I’ll be contributing to the Johnnie Chair over the summer. I’m a rising senior at the Annapolis campus. 946 palabras más

Campus Life

No Shortcuts: Why the Trivium Matters

John of Salisbury wrote his Metalogicon in response to contemporary detractors of the arts of the trivium, detractors he places under the name of Cornificius. 1.170 palabras más


The Means of the End: Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Challenge of Christian Classical Education

This week I attended a conference on Christianity and the Liberal Arts, which focussed on the questions related to faith and the academy, servile arts and liberal arts, use and enjoyment, knowledge as an end and knowledge as a means, and in what ways can classical education be distinctly Christian. 853 palabras más


Pagan Education and the Ascent of the Soul: A Brief Defense of Christian Classical Learning

The question of how Christians should relate and appropriate pagan writing and learning has persisted across millennia. Tertullian’s famous question “What indeed hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?” has, in different forms and ways, continued to challenge the Christian attempt at retrieval of classical learning and ancient wisdom. 867 palabras más


The Conspiracy Theorist in Your Class

This week, the historian Elizabeth Stice warned readers of Inside Higher Ed that college professors in the United States may face a rising number of undergraduates who believe in conspiracy theories—including the kinds of toxic conspiracy theories that drive anti-Jewish and anti-Asian violence. 501 palabras más