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Lego's 2023 May 4th Gifts Reviewed

May 4th is this Star Wars fan’s favourite time of the Lego Star Wars calendar. Sure, there are releases all year round, but May 4th brings the exclusive promotional gift(s) with purchase (GWP). 429 palabras más

Star Wars

“Lego® Sonic the Hedgehog™” will be on sale from August 1st!

Lego Japan has released «Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge» and «Tails’ Lab and Tornado» in the «Lego® Sonic the Hedgehog™» series, a collaboration product between Sega’s popular character Sonic and the Lego Group. 575 palabras más

Character Collaboration

Exciting News: LEGO STAR WARS Magazine's Next Issue to Feature Scout Trooper!

Calling all LEGO enthusiasts and Star Wars fans! We have some thrilling news that will surely get your imaginations racing at lightspeed. The upcoming issue of the highly popular LEGO Magazine is set to showcase none other than the iconic Scout Trooper from the Star Wars universe. 287 palabras más


The White Houses - LEGO Creator, Cozy House (31139)

While there’s some sort of house/ building in the Creator 3in1 series pretty much every year, their designs regrettably jump all over the place. It’s like you get excited for bringing back the glory days of the bike shop, deli and park town house when you see the toy store or the noodle shop, thinking of building that small town street you always dreamed of only to be let down the next year with a somewhat mundane different building that doesn’t really fit the pattern or style. 1.525 palabras más


GREAT SCOTT!! Dr. Kathryn, Rob Daniels, Jen & the Mad Metal Man Grab A Stack of Lego & Toys!

Epic Lego-based show tonight, with a splash of vintage Star Wars, some new music, and lots of laughs!  Together, Dr. Kathryn, Rob Daniels, the Mad Metal Man and I viewed and discussed the following: 106 palabras más

Live Streams: Grab A Stack Of Rock / LeBrain Train

LEGO Spectrum Vehicles (Captain Scarlet)

If you’ve been waiting for more Captain Scarlet LEGO® builds from me then today is your lucky day because I’ve got ten, yes TEN, microscale Spectrum vehicles to share! 2.814 palabras más

Gerry Anderson

Dr. Kathryn, Rob Daniels, and the Mad Metal Man Grab A Stack of Lego and Toys!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK With Mike and the Mad Metal Man

Episode 22:  Dr. Kathryn & Rob Daniels Return!  Lego & Toys!

Dr. Kathryn is back!  181 palabras más

Live Streams: Grab A Stack Of Rock / LeBrain Train