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OpenLDAP Access Control

Determining the current Access Control Rules

I had some fun trying to figure out Access Control using the osixia/docker-openldap docker image. The image uses the dynamic configuration model rather than the slapd.conf file. 350 palabras más

Building an LDAP Server with Docker

To start exploring identity management, I need to have an identity store to start with. I have been exploring the capabilities of Docker and so I want to experiment with standing up a light-weight LDAP server using Docker as the platform. 40 palabras más

domain settings

Settings of my domain from, query done by “nslookup.exe -type=?? …” .

-type=ns: output name server name: “Non-authoritative answer:” “nameserver =” 241 palabras más


Apache Directory Studio - No More JNDI

In a previous article Apache Directory Studio – JNDI I explained how to keep the JNDI connection to use LDAP over a socks proxy. It looks like this has gone for good this time. 165 palabras más


ding second round with ldap servers

Searching for lesbian boxing was an eye opener when i was looking for a boxing picture but since this post gets really boring and not about sport hey not my problem you know what to search for. 179 palabras más

Life In General

Keycloak API

Keycloak is a great tool for authentication and I’m bundling it into a package that includes LDAP. What I want to do is automate the deployment of Keycloak so that it is provisioned to work with the LDAP that is also deployed without the user having to fettle with Keycloak manually- This is where the… 1.832 palabras más


Fedora Linux a 2020 -ish look

I used to run fedora before the days of quotas on debian repository’s.

I thought:

Linux Distros