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I wrote a previous article explaining the concept of carbon offsetting. Offsetting assumes that “an emission reduction achieved in one location has the same beneficial effects as an emission reduction achieved anywhere else”. 508 palabras más

Green Businesses Best Practices

When We Birth Demons

I commence this New Year with this ekphrastic collaboration with Chicago-based multi-media artist of Negrense, Ilongga, and Tagalog descent—Ashley Dequilla. I ordinarily reach out and solicit Pinay artists but it was Ashley who reached out in a thoughtful message and from there we easily fell into conversation like long-lost cousins. 728 palabras más


Episode Six - Usalama Radio Drama Students' Commentaries by Francis Passi Anyanzo

6/10 student’s Commentary. Francis asks a number of questions; Can’t the culprits of misuse of office be held accountable and make them pay for the losses caused? 324 palabras más

Episode Five - Usalama Radio Drama Students' Commentaries by Lamaro Synthia Gift

5/10 student’s Commentary. Synthia vividly brings to light the danger, causes and consequences of land Grabbing. «The crumbs will never taste as good as the bread though! 385 palabras más

લાલપુરના નાદુરીની જમીન પચાવી પાડયાની બે શખ્સો વિરૂધ્ધ ફરિયાદ

લાલપુર તાલુકાના નાદુરી ગામમાં રહેતાં નિવૃત વૃધ્ધની ખેતીની જમીન ઉપર 10 વર્ષથી ગેરકાયદેસર કબ્જો જમાવી વૃધ્ધ ખેડૂત અને તેના પુત્રને પતાવી દેવા ધમકી આપ્યાનાં લેન્ડગ્રેબિંગ હેઠળ બે શખ્સો વિરૂધ્ધ ગુનો નોંધી પોલીસએ તપાસ હાથ ધરી હતી. 156 palabras más

Khabar Gujarat

LIST: Human rights watch (October 17-23, 2021)

This week saw nationwide protests staged in celebration of Peasants’ Month, with progressives recalling the tragedy that was the Sagay 9 massacre. The incident left six farmers (two of whom are minors) killed at Hacienda Nene in Purok Pine Tree, Brgy. 956 palabras más