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Colony – A Review

No spoilers.

Colony debuted in 2016 and had three of today’s typically short seasons. I just finished watching it through and I thought I’d write up a review. 768 palabras más


Steven Taylor on How to Keep Yourself Cool while in LA 

While walking outside one sunny day, Steven Taylor quickly realized that his daily walks have gotten shorter every week. From around two to three hours of walking around the neighborhood, the habit cut off from one to two hours because Steven Taylor simply can’t handle the heat anymore. 439 palabras más

Steven Taylor

Week 5 Blog: Top Dog Versus Underdog

What is the brand strategy being used by the top dog? What is the brand strategy being used by the underdog?

Coca-Cola strategy is very forward thinking when come to marketing promotion. 401 palabras más

Steven Taylor on LA, One of the Greatest Places to Live 

Steven Taylor is in love with Los Angeles. The city is simply amazing. Nicknamed ‘the City of Angels’, Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis that is full of amazing people, historical and beautiful landmarks, and beaches that truly belong in the postcards. 498 palabras más

Steven Taylor

Could there be a story that would go beyond the Uncommunicative prison of one’s own Self?

I keep wondering if these days it’s possible to find the foundations of a new story that’s universal, comprehensive, all-inclusive, rooted in nature, full of contexts and at the same time understandable. 87 palabras más

The World as a Drama ; Life as a Play !

There are really three great views of the world that human beings have had.
one is the western world view which looks upon the world as a construct, an artifact. 202 palabras más

An Improv Game

an improv game in the living
room I am screaming
someone say I am an alarm

clock or an ambulance
because my brain is hyper- 73 palabras más