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Detroit to Cabo: What can go wrong?

When we found out our work went fully remote this past November, we made the decision to move to La Paz, BCS Mexico. We had read a lot about the digital nomad lifestyle and were eager to try it out! 957 palabras más

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Importante avance del proyecto que permitirá construir el acueducto ganadero La Paz

Fue aprobado por el Fondo Fiduciario Federal de Infraestructura Regional bajo las condiciones previstas en el préstamo de la CAF-Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina. La obra, estimada en US$ 11,5 millones, permitirá llegar con agua a 105 productores ganaderos del Este, mediante la construcción de 483 km de acueducto entre red troncal y derivadas. 796 palabras más
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Cruise ships provide vaccines on short trips

Almost a year after the pandemic began, shipping companies around the world are still paralyzed,

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) .- Almost a year after the Covid-19 pandemic began, shipping companies around the world are paralyzed, although with expectations of restarting some routes during the months of March or April next year, but only on some short itineraries such as those in the Caribbean, where it is easier to control mobility because the trips are to islands and for up to three days, and health bubbles can be applied, while in the Pacific and the rest of the world trips include several destinations and last up to 14 days, according to the president of the Mexican Cruise Association Arturo MussiGanem. 669 palabras más

La Paz

La Paz & Puno, Peru

Day 45 – 9th July 2013

It’s been nearly 8 years since we last made a blog post about our travels. On day 45 of our trip, (which happened to be my 25th birthday!!) I dropped our little travel laptop and it never turned back on ever again. 3.373 palabras más

They report a 30% drop in the payment of business licenses in La Paz; were 16 million pesos in 2020

The Commerce Minister assured that there are still pending payments for 50% of the businesses registered in La Paz; in 2020, they opened 250

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). 316 palabras más

La Paz

New Covid19 strain test to all 100% patients in BCS who traveled to the UK

In Baja California Sur, those who traveled to Canada or the United Kingdom must have a test sent to the national laboratory to detect the new strain… 366 palabras más

La Paz

Endless lines for the COVID test in La Paz; people arrive before dawn

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). In recent days, the vehicular circuit destined to carry out COVID diagnostic tests in the capital of Baja California Sur has shown an increase in attendees; dozens of cars roam the vicinity to collect samples from suspected patients. 245 palabras más

La Paz