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Summer with Amazfit

This summer I’ve joined team of Ambassadors at Amazfit Polska !

As professional kiteboarder I manage my lifestyle in the way to stay strong and keep progressing in sport I practise. 224 palabras más


Meet Pro Kitesurfer Matt Maxwell

South African born and raised in a family of ocean lovers, Matt Maxwell excels in everything whether it’s kiting, SUPing, or foiling, or practicing new tricks. 688 palabras más

Travel And Tourism In Dubai

4 Kiteboarding Movies on Amazon

When the winds don’t blow and you need something to hold you over, Nothing does it better than a movie. If you have Amazon Prime and a few dollars then here are some. 515 palabras más

Top GoPro Mounts To Elevate Your Kitesurfing Videos

One of the biggest reasons we love kiteboarding so much is because we can get some absolute banger pictures and videos while doing it. Although your first couple sessions are probably nothing you want to share with people on your Instagram, we all get to the point where we want some great shots from our time on the water. 408 palabras más

Red Bull's King of The Air Update

The highly anticipated King Of Air Competition featuring some of the world’s best kite boarders was originally scheduled between the 30th of January through the 14th of February 2021 but was canceled due to the pandemic and the restrictions that came with the Covid-19 virus. 189 palabras más