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Be Kind

Hello everyone!

Today, I had the sudden urge to write about something, that is so often heard but so little understood : ‘the act of kindness’. 689 palabras más

the pure power of kindness

i remember learning the lesson. i was squeezed in the back seat of a buick riviera, circa 1965, pulled to the pump at a gas station just outside cincinnati’s coney island, an amusement park to end all amusement parks, where i’d finally grown tall enough to be strapped in a bumper car all on my own. 1.007 palabras más



Oh don’t you

Know that it

Takes time for

A bulb to

Become a blossom

Or an acorn

To spread its

Canopy so why

Do we insist… 21 palabras más


Use Self Compassion to Avoid Burnout

The trick to preventing burnout is shifting your perspective. Don’t judge yourself for the number of times you’ve fallen. Rather, celebrate each time you practice self-compassion by forgiving yourself and standing back. 169 palabras más



I have finally

Understood my own

Sadness on the

Pursuit of happiness

I have forgotten myself

So concerned about

Others I lost

Track of me… 58 palabras más


Kindness has the greatest impact of all

In 2016, I had the honour of meeting a beautiful lady in Chicago who warmly welcomed me like I was a long-lost daughter.

She told me we both had half the same name, and she laughed gently when I told her that’s why we are the best. 258 palabras más

Daily Stuff & Musings

The Eternal Dance of Love

Endless times and seasons pass,

Yet there love will never pass,

They dance and dance in the starry sky,

They don’t stop even when the sun is nigh. 196 palabras más