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28 DAYS: Yair Lapid has four weeks to form a government with wildly different parties – or Israelis go back to the polls | All Israel News

Like any political thriller, the clock is ticking – the big question is: Can Lapid defuse the ticking time bomb of a 5th round of elections? 6 palabras más

it does appear

to me that some religious faithful don’t read their bibles. Paul says if Christ is not risen then their faith is in vain. Elsewhere he says as death came to the world through one man, so life through Jesus. 95 palabras más


A Prayer Translated Into Hebrew

אלוהים אדונאי,
תתערב עם
הנוחות שלך
כשאני לבד.
אתה מחזק אותי
כשאני מקשיב להדרכה שלך.
דבריך מהדהדים
בתוך הלב והנשמה שלי.
אני משבח אותך 24 palabras más

Covid Vaccines: The Tip of the Iceberg

7 May 2021 — Swiss Policy Research

The latest on covid vaccine safety and effectiveness

All-cause deaths 65+, previous 7 days (Source: Israeli CBS… 1.117 palabras más


The Fish Gate

The word Fish Gate was mentioned in Nehemiah, and few other verses in the Bible.

Nehemiah 3:3 says:
And the Fish Gate the sons of Hassenaah built; they laid its beams and set up its doors, its bolts, and its bars. 128 palabras más



#TheDailyDose – Hosea 5 addresses the leaders of Israel, priests and royalty. It is helpful therefore for church leaders to hear the challenge but we must also remember that the New Testament addresses us as a “Royal Priesthood” so that this sobering chapter challenges us all.

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RIL seeks nod to bring in Israeli experts for Covid-related training

Reliance Group signed a $15 million deal in January with BOH to distribute the firm’s swift Covid-19 breath testing system

Reliance Industries Limited has sought special permission to fly an Israeli team of experts to India to train and install a rapid COVID-19 identification solution it acquired from an Israeli start-up for USD 15 million. 172 palabras más