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Mondoweiss: 56 years of occupation: Explaining the Palestinian ‘Naksa’

By Yumna Patel.

When Palestinians commemorate the Naksa, they are not only commemorating a historic loss of life and land, but the ongoing military occupation that every day, strips them of their rights to life, freedom, dignity, and self determination. 1.934 palabras más


How Hindu Nationalists Became Best Friends With Israel

Narendra Modi’s friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu may seem to clash with India’s historic anti-colonial stances. Yet their collaboration is rooted in a long history of Hindutva admiration for Zionist ethnonationalism. 9 palabras más


Israeli Oppression against Palestinians in West Bank & Al-Quds Proceeds,Two Zionist Soldiers Injured in Hawara

June 6, 2023

Israeli occupation forces during a night raid in the occupied West Bank (September 6, 2022 / photo by The Jerusalem Post).

The Zionist media reported a car-ramming attack in Hawara town, south of occupied Nablus, adding that two of the Israeli soldiers were injured and that the attacker fled the scene. 519 palabras más


The Middle East: Goodbye America, hello China?

In an attempt to salvage his country’s waning influence in the Middle East, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is embarking on a three-day visit to Saudi Arabia this week.  1.133 palabras más


Change coming to Capitol Hill and Israel won’t like it

On May 10, a historic event unfolded in the halls of power in Washington. Members of the United States Congress, their staff, and more than a hundred activists, advocates, and survivors huddled into a Senate committee room to commemorate the 75th anniversary of what we, Palestinians, call the “Nakba” (catastrophe) – the violent expulsion by Zionist militias of approximately three-quarters of the Palestinian population from its homeland. 1.226 palabras más


Netanyahu, Al-Sisi Hold Phone Call after Egypt Border Attack

 June 6, 2023

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone Tuesday with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi in the aftermath of Saturday’s deadly attack at the border with Egypt. 259 palabras más


The Jordan Times: Nakba denial

By James J. Zogby.

Israel and its hardline supporters will go to great lengths to snuff out any recognition of Palestinian humanity. In their “acceptable narrative”, only Israelis are victims, experience loss, and have rights that must be acknowledged. 697 palabras más