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Are Jews Safe in America?

It is not yet obvious to most, but the inevitable persecution of Jews in America has begun. The rise of anti-Semitism is well documented, but what does it mean? 504 palabras más

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The Fool Says in His Heart...

The Fool Says in His Heart “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1

Funny thing about this quote, it is from Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. 270 palabras más

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Our favorite Israeli cartoonist at Dry Bones has done it again. Accusations against Israel routinely include the charge of “Apartheid!” The ignorance needed to apply that charge to Israel is breathtaking. 338 palabras más

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54 Years of Love

Doreen and I have been married 54 years. Is it okay that I feature our anniversary in my blog post today? We are getting ready for a private anniversary lunch at a favorite restaurant. 331 palabras más

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Masambu Biography Launched!

Living Water Ranch in Challis, Idaho was the location of our book launch for THE SWAHILI MAN, a Village Boy Who Became a Man of God for Kenya and the World. 241 palabras más

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Pray for Masambu travel visa

PRAYER ALERT: Next weekend I am speaking with Michael Masambu at Living Waters Ranch in Challis, Idaho. Michael needs a miracle to get his visa to travel from Kenya in time for the conference. 274 palabras más

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Misfires and Irony

MISFIRES – This is a chart of the 680 misfired rockets from Gaza that landed in Gaza, no doubt killing their own civilians.

Israel Defense Forces…

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