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54 Years of Love

Doreen and I have been married 54 years. Is it okay that I feature our anniversary in my blog post today? We are getting ready for a private anniversary lunch at a favorite restaurant. 331 palabras más

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Masambu Biography Launched!

Living Water Ranch in Challis, Idaho was the location of our book launch for THE SWAHILI MAN, a Village Boy Who Became a Man of God for Kenya and the World. 241 palabras más

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Pray for Masambu travel visa

PRAYER ALERT: Next weekend I am speaking with Michael Masambu at Living Waters Ranch in Challis, Idaho. Michael needs a miracle to get his visa to travel from Kenya in time for the conference. 274 palabras más

Israel Commentary

Misfires and Irony

MISFIRES – This is a chart of the 680 misfired rockets from Gaza that landed in Gaza, no doubt killing their own civilians.

Israel Defense Forces…

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Friday Prayers = Riots... WHAT?

Cognitive Dissonance – Conflicting illogical thoughts and conclusions is a good definition. The case in point is the typical reaction on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount after “Friday prayers,” when youth pour out of the al Aqsa mosque and commence rioting. 423 palabras más

Israel Commentary

Now Over 3,500 Rockets from Gaza

Hamas rockets from Gaza continue to fall on Israel for one week. This update features excerpts from last night’s Netanyahu speech, courtesy of Please refer to my last blog… 633 palabras más

Israel Commentary

1,200 Rockets from Gaza War #4

38 hours
1050+ rockets
across central and southern Israel

This. Must. Stop.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 12, 2021


1,050 rockets in 38 hours.

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