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Don't Sell Weapons To Nigeria, Buhari Has Islamist Agenda – Nnamdi Kanu Writes US President

By Samuel

Kanu added that the transfer of weapons or sales to the present Nigerian government would mean more attacks on the Christians, which goes against the “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act.” 555 palabras más


Reminiscences, Values, and Decisions

I’m not going to deny that I used to love anime theme songs—Digimon, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Kiniro no Corda, etc. They reminded me of the good old days when my sister and I used to sit in front of the TV to watch whatever was being aired on Animax or the Toonami segment on Cartoon Network. 362 palabras más


Barcelona installs Spain’s first solar energy pavement

Photovoltaic ground installation part of move to increase capacity close to where it’s most needed, in cities

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Scientists Create Record-Breaking Laser With Mind Blowing Power

The laser pulse’s power is comparable to “focusing all the sunlight reaching Earth to a spot of 10 microns”—the size of a speck of dust.

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Waktu menggelugutiku,

kian meraup asa tubuh menjadikannya kelabu

Kala kalbu lemah ini mulai terpaku,

pada zaman gila yang kian mencabik akal sehatku

Kau berikan sebulan penuh keinsafan tanpa ragu… 82 palabras más