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In the UK, you can be charged tax on interest made on your money above a certain threshold. If you earn less than £17500 per year this can be up to £5000, for basic rate tax payers this is £1000, for higher rate tax payers this is £500 and for additional rate tax payers there is no allowance. 294 palabras más


Instant Statutory Declaration

by Chew Kheng Chuan (KC Chew)

The article is taken from 1987 SINGAPORE’S MARXIST CONSPIRACY 30 YEARS ON. In solidarity with Jolovan Wham, Function 8 is publishing a Solidarity Edition of the book. 2.301 palabras más

Directionless Weekends

Friday night glass of wine with a blank sheet on paper on which the next two days intentions are written. Creating a ‘to do’ list with little boxes drawn next to each item so they can be satisfyingly ticked off as the day goes on. 257 palabras más

Ways to invest your money in the UK! (3 min)

There are multiple places and ways to invest your money like ISA, stock market, cryptocurrency, real estate and rental property, funds, commodity and much more. So, let’s look deeper into some of them! 493 palabras más

Stock Market

Switching from Barclays ISA to Trading 212...

The main reason is cost.

Back in 2018 when I first worked as a pre-registration pharmacist, I tried to find a way to invest my hard earned money and I found Individual Saving Account (ISA). 511 palabras más


This Train Is Being Held | A Review

Hiya everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing This Train Is Being Held by Ismée Williams. Before I get into my review, look at this beautiful cover! I say this in every review, but I can always, ALWAYS, appreciate a stunning book cover. 1.169 palabras más


Daily rune journal. Isa.

Key words: Ice. Obstacles. Standstill. Frustration. Cold.

Isa is the third rune in Hagal’s Aett and literally translates as ‘ice’.

To the ancient Northern Europeans, ice was a real obstacle. 223 palabras más