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Clonakilty Double Oak Finish

I have said it many times that Irish whiskey has an important role within the whisky world and is long overdue the respect it should be given. 952 palabras más

Tasting Notes

Whistlepig moves into Irish whiskey

US distiller Whistlepig has partnered with Darryl McNally to create the world’s first single barrel Irish whiskey under the revived Limavady brand. Vermont-based rye whiskey producer Whistlepig will manage the bottling and distribution of the whiskey under McNally’s direction, who will lead production and innovation.

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Press Release

What to expect from: O’Shaughnessy Distillery

Whiskey fans are always excited about the arrival of a new distillery. But the opening of the doors at the O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company in August is more hotly anticipated than most.

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Single Malt

Waterford Hook Head 1.1, 3yo, 50%

I’ve not done the tally, but it feels like Waterford has released whisky from about 300 different farms in Ireland in the last year or so. 359 palabras más

Bourbon Cask

Mad March Hare Irish Poitín: No Gravy, No Cheese Curds, just Barley and a TON of Irish Soul

SO…two days ago, I got a box from a PR firm located in Annapolis, MD, my old home state and one of the cities I like best in all of America. 1.000 palabras más