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The US Army Smuggles 45 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq

 JUNE 4, 2023


The US Army continues to plunder the Syrian oil to deprive the Syrian people of their own fuel in continuing the anti-Semitic Antichrist agenda carried out by the ‘liberals’ of the ‘free world’ led by NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance. 546 palabras más


Newsline: Syrian top diplomat visits key ally Iraq

Syria’s foreign minister discussed humanitarian aid and combating the illegal drugs trade with key ally Iraq during a visit to Baghdad as Damascus emerges from years of diplomatic isolation. 161 palabras más

Diplomatic Briefing

The Irish News: Exhibition charts Iraqi photographer and refugee's journey to Northern Ireland

By Allan Preston.

An Iraqi photographer and refugee who now lives in Bangor has shared the challenges of  his journey to Northern Ireland in a new exhibition. 409 palabras más


The CLASSIFIED ‘Mosul Orb’ UAP Case: A New Chapter in Government Secrecy Tactics Unfolds

The Pentagon has maintained its silence on the leaked image of the so-called “Mosul Orb” depicting an alleged Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP seen over an active conflict zone in Iraq back in 2016. 203 palabras más