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Lonely Woman or Scammer?

There is a practice on the internet of pretty young girls, or persons posing as such, approaching lonely old men with friend requests and promises of intimacy. 1.229 palabras más

Handling Suppression On Earth

How To Rescue Your Money From The E-Commerce Dragon

So you’ve just gone online and purchased that gadget you’ve had your eye on for months. But now you realize that you needed the one with the built-in accessory. 972 palabras más

Comparamos Spotify y Apple Music (y tenemos un ganador)

Spotify llegó primero, pero el crecimiento de Apple Music tal vez podría llegar superarlo. ¿Cuál es mejor?

from Tendencias – Digital Trends Español


Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump by Kate Conger and Mike Isaac

By Kate Conger and Mike Isaac

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive, had reservations about locking the president’s account. But the calls for violence that his tweets provoked were too overwhelming. 13 palabras más


Digital Dangers of Association

I received a call this morning, about an hour and a half before our worship service. The young woman identified herself as a reporter for the local newspaper, and I sat up. 389 palabras más


A QAnon ‘Digital Soldier’ Marches On, Undeterred by Theory’s Unraveling by Kevin Roose

By Kevin Roose

Valerie Gilbert posts dozens of times a day in support of an unhinged conspiracy theory. The story of this “meme queen” hints at how hard it will be to bring people like her back to reality. 13 palabras más


Social Media is Not a Need

We live under the false narrative that Social Media is a human need. Social Media is not something we need to survive. I hear many people get upset about freedom of speech being infringed upon, but we can still speak. 255 palabras más