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Google Shadow Bans Searches For “Riots Today” Following Violent Unrest in Minnesota

Other search engines provide results about Minnesota riots when same term is used.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Amidst yet another night of violent unrest in Minnesota, Google is effectively shadow banning searches for “riots today” despite other search engines providing links to stories about the riots when the same search term is used. 241 palabras más

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Routine vs. Motivation

Today is one of my weekly quiet days, it’s also my weekly blogging day. I wasn’t sure what to write about though, so why not combine the two? 1.510 palabras más

Health And Fitness

Buddhism on the Half Shell, Pick and Choose

Buddhism in the North Country is different from the South

Make the world a better place for humans and other sentient beings. That is the battle charge of the Bodhisattva, the ‘awakened being’ who sacrifices the present moment of his own bliss for the future happiness of the many in waiting. 405 palabras más

World Religion

Skin Whitening Cream

Say what?

In 2021, who in their right mind would:

a. Sell a skin whitening cream?

b. Buy a skin whitening cream?

c. Need a skin whitening cream? 191 palabras más

533 Million Facebook Users Had Private Information Leaked Today, Zuckerberg Knew In January And Did Nothing

The big tech platform has been silent about the breach since January, and remains silent after the information was leaked today.

Source: National File 358 palabras más


Trans Reddit User Posted Hundreds of Pornographic Drawings of Child Characters Under 10, Mods Banned Anyone Who Criticized Them

Source: Assistant Editor

A former Reddit moderator is blasting their former fellow moderators for protecting a transgender user that posted over 750 pornographic drawings of characters under the age of 10, and banning anyone who criticized them. 600 palabras más