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Quantum Physics: We Are Energy

There is one fact I am certain about regarding LIFE; it is like a Rollercoaster; for we all have experienced its ups and downs. Despite the many “falls” and curve balls I had to face, I also met beautiful people along the way. 2.452 palabras más


The Age of Hacking Spiritual Machines

This article was presented at the University of Houston as a final term paper for Critical Thinking in Cybersecurity course with Professor Bronk.



And My Story Continues...

The newest member of the family was around a year old when a change took place in the way I managed my diabetes. A new adventure awaited with an insulin pump! 261 palabras más


Episode 3: "Fun" Morbid Facts

Trigger Warning! This week’s episode is not for those who have issues with gruesome depictions of real life events, death, or other similar topics. If this is not the episode for you, we understand and can’t wait to see you back next week :) … 137 palabras más

Day 114

Sometimes we have no big plans for a week or two, but that is not the case this week.

Tonight, we are going to see a 17 year old Elvis impersonator, Matt Stone, at a local watering hole, the Westside. 57 palabras más


In Dealing with Alzheimer's: Lesson 1: Don't Argue

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

I was a care giver to someone with early onset Alzheimer’s for five years and 6 months. Through this difficult trek, I learned quite a lot about life, love, and happiness(for both the care giver and the patient). 465 palabras más


Life Update 5/2/21

Mood: Happy 😃 and accomplished 👏🏽

Currently Reading: Just finished Falling Into Love With You by Lauren Rowe. Going to resume The Crown Of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. 71 palabras más