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Somos seres sociales, disfrutamos compartiendo y la alimentación en una forma agradable, nutritiva y sensorial con la que disfrutas de tu presente. Actualmente sólo podemos juntarnos, como todos sabemos, con muy pocos familiares, menos de los que nos gustaría. 854 palabras más

How to teach your children to save money?

One of the best life lessons you can teach your children is saving. Obviously, it is difficult for children to really understand the benefits of saving money, so in this post we will give you some tips for your son or daughter to learn how to save money. 204 palabras más

What does it mean to be a freelancer?

He is a professional who offers his services independently, by his own means, with a schedule and location that he himself determines according to his needs. 319 palabras más

Ben Cathro "Walk the Talk": primer podio de un rider independiente, equipo privateer y más

Mirando el histórico de publicaciones me he dado cuenta que desde Abril no compartía ninguno de los capítulos de la serie de Pinkbike “The Privateer: Walk the Talk”. 316 palabras más


Rey De Copas - Independiente's Copa Libertadores Glories

When you think of domestic football in Argentina, you think foremost of the mystique of Boca Juniors and River Plate. From the glory and violence of the Superclásico to the legendary names that have represented them over the years; this is undeniably Argentina’s greatest football tale.  2.809 palabras más


Episode 384: the tenth anniversary episode

At the end of this week, HOP turns ten years old, and we’re celebrating with a bumper episode. Sam, English Dan, Tony, Andrés and Santi review the recent action from the Copa Sudamericana and Copa de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol, consider the thorny issue of how clubs should deal with players awaiting trial in a country with a legal system which moves as slowly as Argentina’s and bid farewell to Fernando Gago, who announced his retirement shortly before we recorded. 73 palabras más


Episode 383: Argentine football is BACK!

It’s been a long, long lockdown here in Buenos Aires, but last weekend Argentine domestic football finally returned, and in this week’s episode Sam, English Dan, Tony, Andrés and Santi look back on the first weekend of the Copa de la Liga Profesional de Fútbol, a mini-tournament for the top flight clubs which will keep us entertained (after a fashion) for the next couple of months. 52 palabras más