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Respect for reality

The shining stars of the world wide web has become a source of blinding light with an overload of everything it has to offer. Wandering through this expanse is now like walking straight into a black hole. 1.102 palabras más


Top 10 Porn for Christmas Day

I missed the chance to make this post on Christmas Day so I am taking back that chance now. Because, what’s the difference anyway? Christmas, New Year? 1.292 palabras más

Breeder's Digest

LaShawn Gary/Mark Whitfield - Inception

Composer/Producer/Arranger/Pianist LaShawn D. Gary, is a native of Detroit, Michigan. He received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Instrumental Music Education from Southern University A&M College, and a Master’s of Music Education Degree from the University of Louisville. 230 palabras más

Smooth Jazz

#34: Inception/Tomorrowland

We finish up our December January (no, YOU fell behind!) blockbuster month with Christoper Nolan’s head-trip extravaganza Inception and Brad Bird’s vaguely Randian, Epcot adaptation(?) Tomorrowland.


2020: Dream is Collapsing

Sunrise over Bayou St. John, December 27, 2020

Fear not! This post is not as dire as the title might have you believe. In truth, it’s the name of the song I listened to the most in 2020, if I am to believe Spotify. 371 palabras más


Of Tenet Movie review

When I listed the movies I had watched and reviewed in 2020 for the Best Of The Year series.. I got a couple of references to the movie Tenet and then as if that was a cue I started noticing mentions of the movie everywhere, some hated it, others loved it but everyone agreed that it was serious mind games… So I watched it. 474 palabras más

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