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5 Personal Self-Care Ideas That's Kept In The Dark

Five self-care ideas is a new number for me but I honestly couldn’t come up with seven ideas for this topic without getting too strange or gross. 792 palabras más


In theology and philosophy, probabilism is an Ancient Greek doctrine of educational scepticism. It holds that within the absence of certainty, plausibility or truth-likeness is that the best criterion. 300 palabras más


Am I Write? # 21 - If You Write It, They Will Read


Just because you think you can’t write does not make it so. – Ash


It looked sinister

We can’t be sure at this point, but a chain of events seemed to unfold. Some saw it as a warning of what was to come, and theorised what would happen. 466 palabras más


How to self-advice

Many people know how to give advice they won’t take themselves because self-advice is rarely deemed valuable.

If you want to advise yourself unbiasedly as you would a friend or client, use movies. 47 palabras más


Getting what you want

As much as you may say you want certain things, you might not want them as much as you think you do.

For example, wanting a dog but not wanting the extra responsibility required. 104 palabras más