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now we do a random interview with non-random person

hello, what is your favourite quote from yourself which you have not actually said?
“Don’t worry, Mr. 225 palabras más


The Right Way to Worry by Daron Acemoglu - Project Syndicate

After a year in which COVID-19 has suspended normal economic life around the world, humanity has acquired a new appreciation for risk. But simply acknowledging potential threats is merely the beginning of the process; the real challenge comes in deciding which problems warrant our attention, and in what order.

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Historical Tidbits

When reenacting or acting as a historical interpreter, its good to have a few historical dates and stories to share. This series will publish a few. 66 palabras más


5 Best 24-hour Challenges for Your YouTube Channel

by Emma

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Welcome back to my blog! Okay, not all of us have a YouTube channel, myself included. So if you don’t have one than you can just do these for fun. 295 palabras más

Nature love

The another name of nature is mother. I think no one in the world who hates her mother or want to harm him. So, plz underatand that nature is also our mother, stop harming our nature, stop the use of undecomposeable products and my friends if you start caring about the nature the nature will take care of your family. 😊😊😊


How Brainstorming With Other Writers Improves Your Writing

As I search for a more permanent apartment, I am temporarily staying at a campus-sponsored house along with seven other current college students, including not one, but TWO of the members of my former writing group. 525 palabras más