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Appel Urgent à Cesser la Violence dans la Région de Jérusalem et Gaza

L’Association of World Citizens, qui s’emploie à mettre fin aux conflits armés par des négociations de bonne foi, adresse un Appel Urgent à toutes les parties pour mettre fin à la violence dans la région de Jérusalem et Gaza. 127 palabras más

The Search For Peace

Urgent Appeal to Halt Violence in the Jerusalem-Gaza Area

The Association of World Citizens, devoted to ending armed conflicts through negotiations in good faith, addresses an Urgent Appeal to all parties to halt violence in the Jerusalem-Gaza area. 115 palabras más

The Search For Peace

Analysing the UK’s Overseas Operations Bill and its Loopholes for Abuse

The United Kingdom (“UK”) Government in 2019 sought to pass a legislation that would obstruct prosecutions against British troops for crimes committed whilst serving abroad. 1.707 palabras más


Defining ‘Attacks’: Some Reflections on the Ntaganda Case [Part II]

In the previous part of this post, I explained the facts under consideration: the pillaging of the Mongbwalu hospital and the ransacking of the Church in Sayo by the UPC/FPLC forces, which were led by Ntaganda – the accused in this case. 2.461 palabras más


L’arsenale tattico della Russia che preoccupa l’Occidente Marco Pizzorno IlGiornale InsideOver Politica-Estera IlGiornale

L’arsenale tattico della Russia che preoccupa l’Occidente


Restano alti i timori occidentali per l’arsenale russo, ma Washington accende i fari sulle preoccupazioni russe inerenti alle capacità militari della Nato… 7 palabras más

Humanitarian Law

Nagorno-Karabakh: Uneasy Ceasefire, Key Issues Remain

By René Wadlow

December 9-10, 2020 marked the one-month anniversary of the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, known as Artsakh by the Armenians. The ceasefire was negotiated by Russia between Azerbaijan and Armenia. 466 palabras más

World Law

The Grass is Never Green in IHL: An Eco-Feminist Take on the Anthropocentric Laws of War [Part II]

Drawing from Ecofeminism 

As Thomas Marler has argued, it seems to be true that the potential or actual benefits of militarisation have always been at the cost of environmental degradation, so much so that changing the course of ecology has now become an inescapable part of armed conflicts. 783 palabras más