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Honduras. Día del agua 22.03.2021: Déjenme interrumpir su día.

“!Uy! me da pena por los carros que no pueden pasar.”
“Ellos van a querer agua también”

Esto fue el intercambio de palabras entre mi compañera y yo, cuando acompañamos una caminata por el día del agua en Costa Azul, Honduras. 518 palabras más


Mexican cities most deadly in 2020

The deadliest world city in 2020 was Celaya, Mexico, with 109 murders per 100,000 population, as reported here. In fact, the 6 most violent cities, as well as 18 of the top 50 worldwide, were in Mexico, … 31 palabras más

North America

Our time in Roatan

First of all the view coming into the island is absolutely gorgeous… I mean check this out:

This was one of those trips that just ended up being meant to be. 2.016 palabras más


Kayak Rentals

It’s a well-known fact by this point, we like being outdoors. I like fairly low-impact adventures (moderate hiking trails, etc.) and Jason likes his “death hikes,” but one thing we both really enjoy is kayaking. 856 palabras más


Neo-colonial inertia and development plans for Central America

The shopping mall model of development (Honduras, 2009)

In October 2008, in a classroom in Ciudad Juárez—one of the most violent cities on the planet but on the border with the richest country—an international ecumenical group considered the latest official development plan for Mexico and Central America.* … 837 palabras más

Bro. Lane heading to Honduras in July

Bro. Brandon Lane has neared 80% of his required support and is planning to leave for Honduras this July. Not only are those milestones a blessing, but he has seen many churches increase their Faith Promise giving and many couples surrender to full time service. 14 palabras más

Prayer Letters

Drugs and agriculture cause deforestation to skyrocket at Honduran UNESCO site; Karen Paredes, Leonardo Guevara & Lesly Frazier; Monga Bay

Tucked away on the Caribbean side of Honduras lies the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, an area some in size with abundant green forests, rivers, ponds, and a great variety of wildlife. 68 palabras más