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Cuccinelli told during the panel talk that no one in the administration wants to take ownership of the massive failure at the southern border.

‘This is a political hot potato within the administration,’ Cuccinelli said.

‘None of them want it,’ he added. ‘That’s why the president tossed it to the vice president, that’s why he hasn’t visited the border even though he has caused the problem. 226 palabras más

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Biden admin secures agreements with Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to secure borders, official says


Source: CNN

(CNN)The Biden administration has secured agreements for Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to tighten their borders and stem the flow of migration, Special Assistant to the President for Immigration for the Domestic Policy Council Tyler Moran told MSNBC on Monday. 60 palabras más

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Facebook knew of Honduran president’s manipulation campaign – and let it continue for 11 months

Juan Orlando Hernández falsely inflated his posts’ popularity for nearly a year after the company was informed about it

Facebook allowed the president of Honduras… 1.453 palabras más


Where in the World: Nicaragua

For Central America I got 2 wrong, Nicaragua and Honduras, you can read my post here. I decided on Nicaragua because I struggled to prounce it, both countries have visited my blog so I went with Nicaragua, but lets see what facts I have found out about it… 172 palabras más


Mexico wins the CONCACAF Men's Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Finalists Mexico and Honduras qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this summer

By: Emmanuel Mendez

The postponed Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 will take place this summer and only two countries in the North American region can qualify a place in the men’s soccer tournament. 621 palabras más


R4QXXY Immunity Booster Pills in Choluteca Honduras

ISL13WCC8S – Choluteca is a city in Honduras. There are many stores that sell immunity booster pills in Choluteca. However, for those who are lazy to leave the house to get it, there are alternative ways to get it online. 73 palabras más


Hun-Ahan - Ancient American Hanuman & the Sign of the Wind-God

“One has always wondered about the fact that India and Mexico have so many similarities. We look alike…Besides, there are said to be some ancient links between the Mayans and southern India, which makes our temple architecture similar.The Howler Monkey God Hun-Ahan of the Mayas resembles the revered Monkey God Hanuman in Hinduism.” Ambassador… 357 palabras más

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