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Sprachen Indigenes Amerika: Yukatekisches Maya


Anna Petsch*

Der amerikanische Doppelkontinent, der vor allem von indigenen Kulturen selbst dort als Abya Yala bezeichnet wird, ist die Heimat einer Vielzahl von indigenen Sprachen. 873 palabras más


Violencia Política: Socialismo "Democrático" asesta golpe al Congreso Nacional

El socialismo «democrático» representado por la Presidente del Poder Ejecutivo, Xiomara Castro Sarmiento de Zelaya, asestó un golpe técnico al Poder Legislativo de la República de Honduras. 1.542 palabras más


Medical Missions in Honduras - Part I

July 1988

Dr. Pete, a Christian surgeon, spoke to a singles group about the medical mission trips he has taken over the past few years. The local pastor or missionary always shares the gospel with the patients as they wait to see the doctor, so their spiritual needs are met as well as the physical ones. 850 palabras más

Christian Nurse

Lane seeing God’s blessings

Bro. Brandon Lane has been amazed at how fast the first 3 months has flown by but he clearly sees God’s had at work to get his family and belongings from Washington to Honduras. 57 palabras más

Prayer Letters

How you gonna keep em down on the farm? or... Show me the money

Sembrando Vida (Sowing Life) and Jóvenes Construyendo El Futuro (Youth Building the Future) have proven to be two of the most successful, but under-reported, public assistance programs in Mexico… perhaps in the Americas. 694 palabras más

Economy & Business

Possession de la terre; Droit contre pouvoir

Article de Julien Christe, Accompagnant international des droits humains de PWS au Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, avril 2022

Au Honduras, la problématique de la propriété de la terre est extrêmement forte. 1.244 palabras más