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Sunday Poser — Willful Ignorance

For this week’s Sunday Poser, Sadje wants to know…

Do you believe that humans have brought about climate change or is it just false news/hoax?

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The Notorious JT

From the late nineties onwards, the blistering prose of JT Leroy captivated many, many readers all across the world. Like a cross between Kathy Acker and Dennis Cooper,his fiction resonated, weaving high art from low places. 403 palabras más

Lorna Irvine

Five Word Weekly Challenge — Friendly Banter

“Where are you going?” Jerry asked Olivia.

“I’m sick of you two disagreeing over everything and anything,” Olivia said. “It’s a shame that the two of you can never see eye to eye on any matter. 193 palabras más

Flash Fiction

DeSantis: “There’s No Book Banning in Florida.” Really?

When Ron DeSantis launched his candidacy on Twitter, he scoffed at the notion that schools were banning books in Florida. That alone should disqualify him, based on what we have seen, heard and read about the state’s encouragement of banning books that refer to gays or racism. 829 palabras más


Peter Dreier: The Fake “Leftwing Attack on Science”

Peter Dreier exposes here a false screed that appeared in the New York Times. Dreier is the E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics at Occidental College in California. 1.532 palabras más


Literacy Experts: There Is No “Science of Reading”

Three literacy experts—David Reinking, Peter Smagorinsky, and David B. Yaden—wrote in opposition to the current “science of reading” frenzy. Unfortunately, their article does not mention the journalist Emily Hanford, who has zealously promoted the idea that American students don’t learn to read because their teachers do not utilize the “science of reading.” Google her name and you will find… 2.110 palabras más

Education Reform