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Victoria E.M. Cain: A Brief and Sobering History of Technology in the Classroom

During the pandemic, most schools turned to remote learning as a matter of necessity. Some in the education biz think that the pandemic has created a new market for their products. 378 palabras más

Education Reform

Even the pro-vaxxers are turning against COVID vaccines

Watch at least the first half of “FED UP” – The HighWire Episode 204.

The wheels are really starting to fall off the COVID hoax plandemic when even pro-vaxxers are saying that they are too afraid to take the mRNA experimental injections. 608 palabras más


Ciri ciri lowongan dan interview hoax

Ciri-ciri lowongan hoax :

1. Menyebutkan nominal gaji (nominal besar dan dibuat menarik biar banyak yg mau lamar)

2. Kualifikasi pendidikan terlalu luas / bisa semua level (SMK, SMA, S1, S2, S3 Semua Jurusan) 120 palabras más


Shoot the Moon

Previously, I covered a couple of big conspiracy theories, and why they are generally such an impossible idea. As noted there, it’s really hard for people to keep secrets, and the bigger a conspiracy, the faster it falls, which is why we happen to know about the… 1.157 palabras más


Is COVID-19 A Hoax? - UK Column

Fact checkers and official media talking heads accuse anyone who suggests that “COVID is a hoax” of being COVID deniers, conspiracy theorists and of exhibiting a callous disregard for lives allegedly lost to the disease.

740 palabras más
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The Vagazine Russian Roulette...

Picked up from comments on the Hedge….

Make of it what you will, though knowing pharma and John’ Hopkins’s Theragrippers, it’s all so plausible…

Covid mRNA Vaccine Nightmare: 705 palabras más