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Future Proves Past

As I steadily approach the age of forty, I have a much greater appreciation for the phrase that one is «wise beyond their years». I acknowledge the fact that my life story likely pales in comparison to some others. 1.488 palabras más

"The Original" Joshy Cox

Crime Pays

Freddie Gibbs: «Crime Pays»

So I’ve been thinking about how the whole federal government of the United States is a criminal enterprise.

One of the things that put this on my mind is the recent news about Nancy Pelosi and her insider stock trading. 670 palabras más

Katyn - WWII's Forgotten Massacre

Mark Felton – Mark Felton Productions – Jan 20, 2021

The disturbing story of the Soviet massacre of thousands of Polish officers and intelligentsia at Katyn, Russia in 1940 and the subsequent cover-up and German investigation of the crime scene. 179 palabras más


The Other Goebbels - The Story of Dr. Goebbels' Brother

Mark Felton – Mark Felton Productions – Oct 10, 2020

Hans Goebbels, brother of infamous Propaganda Minister Dr. Josef Goebbels, rose to significance because of his brother’s success and paid the price for that association when he was captured by the Americans in April 1945. 209 palabras más


WWII's Forgotten First Battle - Czech Republic 1939

Mark Felton – Mark Felton Productions – Jan 11, 2022

WWII’s first battle didn’t take place in Poland on 1 September 1939, but rather six months earlier, in March 1939 when Czech soldiers clashed with German troops sent to disarm them after Hitler had invaded their country. 179 palabras más


Micro Militaries - Europe's Tiniest Armies

Mark Felton – Mark Felton Productions – Jan 11, 2022

In modern Europe there are a handful of micro-states, really tiny countries, with equally tiny and archaic armies. 179 palabras más


Martyr Moltke's Last Words

If you knew that your nation was savagely butchering its own people in semi-secret camps; if you thought your leader was a madman whose decisions would inevitably ruin your country and threaten all of civilization; would you sit still or would you try to do something? 854 palabras más

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