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Cary Grant’s Final Five

Cary Grant made his final film in 1966, promptly retiring from the business.

He felt like it was time, refusing efforts to coax him back to the screen. 581 palabras más


The Debate between Hanegraaff and Hitchcock

I recently had cause to listen once again–the first time in years–to the debate between Hanegraaff and Hitchcock on the dating of Revelation. First off, it is clear that Hanegraaff was out of his depth when it came to the external evidence for the date of Revelation. 1.001 palabras más

Date Of Revelation

Airlift Update: Patient Flown to Boston

Doug Nicoll, Litchfield Fire Rescue

The Litchfield Fire Department and Hudson Ambulance were dispatched to a home in town for a person who had fallen down a flight of stairs with multiple injuries. 88 palabras más


Columbia Noir: 5 Against the House (1955)

Ronnie (Kerwin Mathews), the smartest of four college students who have spent a night at a Reno casino, is excited by the challenge of robbing it. 511 palabras más


Birds & Bards in Fiction

Birds feature heavily in fiction: Some soar high, others in cages tied and yet others that have died.

If superstitions like “a bird pooping on your head means good luck” or “crows in the churchyard means death” have made their way into your lives, you will know that birds and their symbolisms feature heavily in our lives. 315 palabras más


Principles of Film Form

In this video (created for my FILM 220 course) I discuss some principles of film form with a focus on mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sound. … 40 palabras más


Horror 365, Movie/Book 36: Hitchcock/Truffaut

To say I love Hitchcock would be a nearly criminal understatement. My fascination with and admiration for his films and directing skill border on worshipful awe. 846 palabras más