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What's Boiling Beneath the Surface in Israel?

While all eyes have turned to the Russian-Ukrainian border and the Arabian peninsula, a boiling caldron continues to heat up in and around Israel.

First, the US and Israeli forces (as well as other allies, at times) have held many joint military exercises very regularly over the past few months, including… 444 palabras más

Israeli Life

Hamas accuses Israel of deploying ‘killer Zionist dolphins’ near Gaza

Flipper, Israeli commando!

Killer Zionist dolphins exist, according to a Hamas publication. Abu Hamza explains that a member of Hamas' Frogman unit who was killed by Israel during the May conflict found the killer dolphin.

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Jordanian Sheikh: ‘There is no “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah gave Israel to the Jews

If the Jewish people are not indigenous to the Middle East, why is the Koran rife with references to them?

If there was never a place called Israel why does the Koran refer to the Jewish people as the “children of… 1.583 palabras más


Palestinian prisoner Abu Hawash seizes his freedom

4 Jan 2022

The prisoner Abu Hawash defeats the occupation in the battle of the empty intestines

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Al Mayadeen Net

Al Mayadeen correspondent reports that hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Hisham Abu Hawash has seized his freedom from the Israeli occupation. 461 palabras más


Tel Aviv targeted by rockets from Gaza.

Image Credit: Screengrab/Telegram

On Saturday morning, the Israel Defense Forces said that two rockets from the Gaza strip were fired into Tel Aviv. The first rocket landed in the sea off the coast of Jaffa at around 7am, while the second landed also in the sea, but off the coast of Palmachim, south of the city of Rishon Lezion. 61 palabras más


The Globalist: Sayonara to Iran’s Arab militias?

By James M. Dorsey.

Iranian support for Arab militias has long threatened Iran’s enemies. Now, the tide may be turning. The Iran-sponsored militias may be losing their usefulness for Iran. 597 palabras más