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Guerrero: Suspect Linked to Disappearance of Ayotzinapa 43 Detained


“During the early hours of this Saturday, based on intelligence information and a call to 911, there was an alert about the presence of armed persons in the Los Doctores de Iguala de la Independencia neighborhood, Guerrero, a fact that led to the detection of three men who were traveling in two vehicles with high-powered weapons”, 214 palabras más

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National: Supreme Court of Justice Will Analyze if Mining Law Violates Rights of Indigenous Peoples


The Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) will discuss the Mining Law for the first time on January 19th, 2022; this in response to the injunction lawsuit filed in 2015 by the Nahua community of Tecoltemi located in Ixtacamaxtitlan, Puebla. 236 palabras más

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Guerrero: “Catastrophic Panorama” as COVID-19 Cases Rebound

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COVID-19 infections in the country broke a record on January 8th, registering 30,671 cases in a single day. Despite the fact that in many states the rebound has increased, state and municipal authorities of states such as Guerrero… 357 palabras más

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Sin saber qué más hacer, me encuentro en punto medio a tu encuentro. La calle está vacía y solo se escucha la morada iluminada del fondo, donde celebran la llegada de Jesús. 389 palabras más


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Acapulco youth refused to sell drugs so they cut off his fingers


Source: Mexico News Daily

A teenager had his fingers cut off for refusing to sell drugs in Acapulco, Guerrero, an incident that triggered the northward flight of another family to flee violence. 22 palabras más

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