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Thankful Thursday

We have had some pretty big life changes around here. All good, but any change can feel uncomfortable. We often can see all of the negatives during these times and miss the positives. 172 palabras más

Permission to be Good to Yourself

A common theme among my peers (of all ages) is this fact that we think of everyone else’s needs, feelings and general wellness more than our own. 155 palabras más

Practical Thoughts

Thankful Thursday August 5 2021

I’m not sure I like the whole bullet list of gratitudes format.  It feels forced like I’m making a grocery list.  Something to check off without really thinking about it. 300 palabras más

Thankful Thursday

And breathe ..

(C) Art by Claudia Tremblay

It’s been months and months of constant reflections on all aspects of my life. It began with the pandemic and continued with moving to a new country, and finally approaching and turning thirty. 1.410 palabras más


Term 3, Week 4 Fantastic Friday

Activity 1: Mood Movers

Watch out! Croc has some Blues Busters to teach our savvy friends.

Activity 2: Now it’s your turn!

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