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Why does Google offer free services like Google Drive and Gmail?

«If you are not the customer, you are the product.»

This quote has been on the Internet for a long time and aptly summarizes how «FREE» product models work.

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Confirmation Bias

People often tend to vouch for what they believe and discredit what they don’t, irrespective of what’s actual and rational. We agree to people who have similar opinion and label others who don’t. 760 palabras más


The Ice Dragon - 48 Hour Offer

Download for free, limit time 48 hours, then normal price.
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Wallet is a digital wallet platform developed by Google. 1.102 palabras más


Unlock Your Potential for Free: Master Generative AI with Google's 9 Complimentary Courses

Google has recently launched nine free courses on Generative AI. These courses aim to teach the basics of Large Language Models and how to create and implement generative AI solutions on the Google Cloud platform. 152 palabras más


For You?

Today I learned how to remove suggestions on YouTube. So basically here’s the story, Google implemented an algorithm in which will recommend videos that you don’t want see. 488 palabras más

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