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Attu Island Mystery

The Aleutian Islands of Alaska present a mystery for the Google Earth enthusiast. In this video, strange ruins are discovered from above. Could these past settlements be older and more advanced? 25 palabras más

Google Earth Anomalies and Black zones

Conspiracy theorists have uncovered a host of sites online that are obscured through pixelation, blurring or have a case of total wipe out. Source

A listing of satellite map images with missing or unclear data. Source


Mount Rushmore

This landmark is breathtaking!

In 1884, a New York lawyer named Charles E. Rushmore traveled to South Dakota‘s Black Hills National Forest in search of possible mining sites. 450 palabras más


Writing about a place that's far away

Writers with a big advance from their publishers can often travel to faraway places, take pictures, and do research. Most of us can’t do that. Fortunately, Google Maps and Google Earth can help. 305 palabras más


Six-wheel Mini prototype spotted testing in Glasgow

After grumbling about never finding any unintended gems in Google Earth, I just tripped over this one while checking on the Thomas Graham building in Cathedral Street.


7 geography tools that mess with the brains of your kids. Cause that’s a good thing

We all know that I spent a significant amount of my formative years digging through old National Geographic maps. You know the ones I’m talking about. 738 palabras más

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