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Clone Remote SSH git Repository with port number

git clone ssh://git@


git: can't push (unpacker error) related to new git repository permission issues

! master -> master (unpacker error)

chmod -Rf u+w /path/to/git/repo/objects

directory structure: /opt/git/project.git and git user is git

$ cd /opt/git/project.git
$ sudo chown -R git:git .


PyGitIssueClone Release 0.96.0

PyGitIssueClone version 0.96.0-Beta

This Mac OS X application allows you to clone your Github issues into Todoist tasks.

This release was mainly due to handling errors where the Todoist API corrupted the Todoist cache with invalid temporary IDs… 10 palabras más


Stay ahead of git with this sharp script

I work on quite a few git repositories at once, and I don’t always commit changes in one before making changes to another. Or if I do, I don’t always push the changes up straight away. 458 palabras más


Using Git Hash for Software Versioning

Versioning is very important in programming development. So that

  1. Users are always downloading the latest version.
  2. Testers are always downloading the right version from the pipeline after the developer fixes the bug.
  3. 934 palabras más

Configuring Git LFS To Use Dropbox

Backstory I need to store binary and large files in git, more specifically in GitHub, which supports LFS. However, I only get 1 GB of LFS space for free, after that I have to pay $60/year for 50 GB (price as of 9 Aug 2019).

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