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Session 10: Inductive Modelling

In the previous session the deductive method was used, but in this session we will employ the inductive approach. This approach consists of using known sites to examine the behaviour and patterns of humans in the past. 1.067 palabras más


Session 8: Social Factors

Predictive modelling has a wide array of uses and it is vital to modern archaeological studies and research. It does however, come with its flaws. We have already discussed and provided examples of some of them (e.g. 867 palabras más


Story Map: Vote by Mail on the Navajo Nation

I created this map for my GEOG 380: Map Investigation course at SDSU.

A story map, containing a web map version of the above was also made, which provides historical context and potential solutions. 7 palabras más


A tool to download OSM GPX tracks

In this very brief article I wanted to share a simple tool I wrote in C++ (using a common IDE, Dev-C++) a couple of months ago to tackle a problem I didn’t know I had :) 709 palabras más

Random Projects

Python scripting sample using arcpy

Below is a sample python script that extracts selected trees to a new feature class if they are within our area of interest and determines if they require maintenance based on a criteria. 228 palabras más