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Bono comes back to remind us of when the West was always right

It is no coincidence that, just as the world commemorates 20 years since the invasion of Iraq, U2 re-emerges.

That conflict was described by the Times this week as a “hubristic act of overreach” – which sums up Bono’s life and career nicely. 837 palabras más

Human Rights

The Iraq War 20 Years On – What Have We Learnt? 

It’s been 20 years since the US launched its invasion of Iraq and many of us probably remember the non-stop airstrikes that lit the skies above Iraq in orange from the fire and destruction that ensued. 1.429 palabras más

United States

The US in The Middle East: From Glory to Ruins

By Rashid Kassim

The United States of America in the Middle East: From Glory to Ruins (Part I)

Throughout time, the Middle East has been known to be the region of power, unity, stability, and economic prosperity. 1.061 palabras más