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Getting Into Disc Golf

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Branden Earl

Hi, I’m Branden, and I play disc golf. I should also explain that I am new to disc golf, having only started playing in August (2022). 1.010 palabras más

Disc Golf

Welcome to!

Welcome to! This website is a player-created site for new GeoGuessr players to learn about the game, tips, study guides, screenshots, and general discussions about GeoGuessr. 28 palabras más


Notes along the way

Words sometimes come with a lot of baggage. Christian is unfortunately one such word. There is such a diversity in belief and practice, that the descriptor loses much of its descriptiveness. 488 palabras más


Why The Blog?

Good question.

Three main reasons:

  1. I’ve never done any writing outside of my formal education.
  2. My computer literacy is falling away, as I have transitioned into a physical job and no longer use a computer for work.
  3. 268 palabras más

How to Make Bets Into Money The easiest way to Earn More Money in A secure and safe way

If you’ve heard the term «bets» Your first thought might be that it’s a bit wild and crazy. You might be thinking «I don’t have the time I’m broke, I’ll need money for playing». 573 palabras más


A Brief Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog A Cranky Old Hillbilly. Now, every word of that blog title is true. I am Cranky, (mostly). I am Old, (in my eyes anyway), and I am a Hillbilly, (always have been and always will be). 388 palabras más


Left-over Mashed Potato Biscuits

What to do with left-over mashed potatoes? Here’s a recipe I love that will surely have you and your guests going back for seconds. Besides, who doesn’t love a hot biscuit slathered with butter? 282 palabras más